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New PLOS Open data policy

PLOS has announced some changes to their publishing policies, and these changes are great news. ¬†The new PLOS policies will go a significant way towards encouraging open data and open source. ¬†Although the announcement itself is somewhat vague on the … Continue reading

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An informal definition of OpenScience

Over at the open-science mailing list at okfn.org, Michael Nielsen just posted a great “informal” definition of open science:   Open science is the idea that scientific knowledge of all kinds should be openly shared as early as is practical … Continue reading

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Researching Open Science

I don’t know how I missed this before, but there’s a really interesting article from 2006 up at the Harvard Business School “Working Knowledge” site. It details some of Karim Lakhani‘s results from a paper called ‘The Value of Openness … Continue reading

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Cool finds at the NCCB2008 workshop

Some of the cooler online resources that have been discussed at the NCCB2008 workshop: OpenWetWare The international genetically engineered machines competition (IGEM) Registry of Standard Biological Parts Nature Precedings Proteopedia The Open Protein Structure Annotation Network (TOPSAN) SciVee.tv FriendFeed

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