New Communication Channels for Biology Workshop

I’m going to be giving a talk at the “New Communication Channels for Biology” Workshop run by the CalIT2 folks at UCSD. The workshop is Thursday and Friday, and there are going to be some interesting folks like Michael Nielsen, Hilary Spencer, Jean-Claude Bradley, Aaron Fulkerson, Michael Gribsikov, and a bunch more. It should be pretty interesting!

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3 Responses to New Communication Channels for Biology Workshop

  1. It will be good to meet you Dan!

  2. Hi Dan! What are you going to talk about?

  3. Dan Gezelter says:

    Hey Egon! Your name came up a couple of times in one of the SciBarCamp sessions being run by Deepak Singh.

    I’ll eventually post the slides, but a brief overview of my talk is up at the workshop’s wiki, and the talks will eventually up on YouTube. This has been a very interesting meeting so far, both in content and discussion.

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