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Two new forum questions

Over in the OpenScience Forums there are two threads which ask some good questions: gelinp asks if there are any open source graphics programs that allow the user to draw curves on a 2-d canvas and then place tangents and … Continue reading

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Blog Blinking Statistics

After spending last week fighting with commercial software and then re-writing an entire computational lab around bugs in said software, I noticed something odd about my blog posting: My blinking statistics are starting to look like they have a power … Continue reading

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Interesting Molecular Structures

Two cool (or hot) chemical structures today: Chavicine (I’m testing image uploads, and why not test with something interesting.) Everyone knows that Capsaicin is the hot stuff in chili peppers. Fewer people know that Chavicine is the hot stuff in … Continue reading

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Asymmetric links in random networks and the diameter of the “Blogosphere”

Yesterday’s post had some discussion about complex, scale-free network theory. Since I posted that, I’ve been wondering about network theory as it relates to the blogging community. By now, everyone has seen a “blogroll” list which is essentially a listing … Continue reading

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Breaking Visual CAPTCHA

I just ran across this wonderful article by Mori and Malik on a technique to break the EZ-Gimpy visual CAPTCHA images that attempt to distinguish between human and automated blog commenters. (Comment, memberlist, trackback and forum spam are a huge … Continue reading

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Where did SAL go?

Back before we opened up shop at, we used to browse the Scientific Applications for Linux (SAL) site at Kachinatech. It had some interesting links to programs we didn’t know much about. The old SAL mirrors are still around, … Continue reading

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Changes have been made

We’ve switched to entirely new software to run some of the OpenScience site. The blog is now being handled by WordPress and the forums have been switched to PunBB. We’re trying to combat some of the annoying spam, and to … Continue reading

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Do you have an idea for a project?

Over in the OpenScience Forums, we have a discussion starting on New Project Ideas. Got an idea for a project? Need some collaborators? Come on over and brainstorm it here.

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Link Ratings

We’ve got link ratings enabled. If you click on a link from the OpenScience site and return to our page, you’ll be asked to rate the site you’ve just visited on a 1 to 5 scale. This should help us … Continue reading

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RDF / XML feed

See that button over there on the right hand side? You can now add OpenScience to your daily RSS reader and get instant updates on the latest cool software we’re featuring.

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